Key Tags

Attach your brand to one of your clients most important possessions with our most popular item, the humble Key Tag. We have several styles and  thousands of custom shapes to choose from. Produced when you order, never pre-printed!


Best Selling Soft Vinyl Key Tags

Our most popular item with infinite shapes and sizes available. Pricing is set by the standard 3.5 square inch tag but make them larger for only .08(C) for each additional square inch. See below for the Key Tag example button, click on that then hold CRTL F to see other examples.

Floating Key Tags

Now when you, are faced with that most important decision of whether to drop your beer or the boat key into the lake, you don't have to worry. Drop the key! They'll serenely float until the beer is gone and then simply retrieve the key and head back to the marina. Check out our Foam Key Tag and the Worlds Best Keytainer from Gemini!

Acrylic Key Tags

An American classic. Your own Key Tag offering a two sided imprint encased in hard acrylic plastic. Hearts, Circles, Rectangles, Houses and Square shapes are available.

Punch Key Tags

Running a continuity program or need to encourage multiple visits from clients? Give 'em the old one-two punch and get that repeat business with the Gemini Punch Key Tag. A popular item across retail and service businesses!

Carabiner Key Tags

Combine the customization of our Key Tags with the utility of a carabiner clip! Full color imprint on soft vinyl material with a 4mm Carabiner Clip. Select from 1/8" or 1/16" material. Upgrade to 6mm Clip for a more secure grip.

Key Clips

Gemini Key Clips are multi-purpose tools that come with two attachments; a 28mm key ring and a choice of 4mm or 6mm Carabiner or a white wrist coil. Select a pre-existing die or create a custom die to fit your logo!

Key Tag Examples